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Perspective. (Part 1)

Perspective is everything. As I do life in Kensington and engage in my work in Camden, I am constantly challenged with how narrow a perspective I often hold.  I judge and misjudge both people and scenarios on a fairly regular basis and then have to repent and reorient my heart accordingly. Combining my introspection with … Continue reading

Father’s Day.

Today, across the country, kids of all ages honored the man that raised them by eating lots of grilled meat, buying ugly ties, and making picture frames out of popsicle sticks that say in some format, “My Dad is Better Than Yours.” I think Father’s Day is great, mostly because I have an amazing dad … Continue reading

A Fragile Balance.

Though I am not often asked to lend insight into the world of justice, if I ever had to share the single most important lesson I’ve learned in my own pursuit of justice, I could. My advice? Walk the line. Not to borrow too much from my friend Johnny Cash, what I mean to say … Continue reading

Silver Linings.

Confession: I am a drama queen. No, really. I am. When life, with its many ups and downs, happens, I maintain the persona that I’ve got it all under control and I usually buckle down and get through it, but I have yet to escape the practice of putting on a “production” while doing so. … Continue reading


When I made the decision to join AmeriCorps this year, I made a parallel personal commitment to pursue growth and learning at every possible opportunity. Outside of academia, a commitment like that has to be pursued with intentionality – it rarely happens on its own.  However, in the past month, my path has been absolutely … Continue reading


I never thought I’d be a blogger. For the longest time, I’ve secretly held that blogs were rather presumptuous.  The assumption that one’s own musings on politics, religion, or life in general are important enough to “publish” for the rest of the world’s benefit seemed like yet another demonstration of the narcissism so prevalent in … Continue reading