I never thought I’d be a blogger.

For the longest time, I’ve secretly held that blogs were rather presumptuous.  The assumption that one’s own musings on politics, religion, or life in general are important enough to “publish” for the rest of the world’s benefit seemed like yet another demonstration of the narcissism so prevalent in our hearts.  With such a presupposition, I could barely discipline myself to read a whole blog post, let alone write one.

But here I am – blogging.  My change of heart is not due to a sudden realization of my thoughts’ profundity, but rather my growing understanding of the value of shared stories.  Though we all share the compulsion to live a better story, the execution can be wearisome.  When I have found the battle to be particularly hard-fought, I have often found courage in the story of others and so, I share mine.

At present, my story seems to be at a pivotal point.  Moving to a new city to begin a new job in a new field has all the makings of a conflict and the way in which this heroine interacts with each subplot is certain to create much of the fodder of this blog.  Though I’m not certain of just how this will manifest itself, my intention in writing this blog is three-fold:

1) To chronicle my experience of living in Philadelphia.
I have a feeling that living in an urban center for the first time is going to be an adventure and I hope to capture what I see, hear, and experience in written form for reflection and greater learning.

2) To commentate on my year of public service as an AmeriCorps VISTA.
My experience with AmeriCorps so far has caused me to believe that the organization as a whole is deeply committed to learning and sharing.  I hope that the thoughts I share here can add something of value to the conversation.

3) To converse generally about non-profit work and social justice issues.
I am wildly passionate about justice, and so I’m always thinking and talking about it.  My hope in sharing my thoughts in this way is to engage others who are equally passionate about pursuing justice by developing a virtual community, sounding board, and discussion forum.  I invite all of you, as readers, to participate in this community – give feedback, share your own story, engage!

The story of justice is playing out all around us and this blog is a humble attempt to reflect on my own place within this grander tale. I can’t promise a classic or a best-seller, but I am certain that there are lessons to be learned along the way, so read along…


One thought on “Story.

  1. Kellyn, I am so excited that you have decided to share your experiences – you are one of those inspirational people that I learn a lot from, just by reading tidbits of your opinions. Many blessings and well wishes for this new step and journey! Much love to you.

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