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On Using: America and Me.

If you live in an urban center of any size, you likely share in my disdain for the weeks leading up to the 4th of July. The onset of summer in cities across America means the return of round after round of “gun or firework?”, a guessing game that tends to put us all on … Continue reading



I am not a risk taker. By nature, I am calculated and intentional, traits that short-circuit the spontaneity often necessary to make “big moves.” While I think these valuable parts of my personality have likely saved my life on a number of occasions, I’ve recently begun to wonder if they’ve perhaps stunted it, too. If, … Continue reading

Truth or Dare

  This past weekend, I had the opportunity to join just over 30 youth from our community for a weekend retreat at the shore. The time spent walking alongside them as they learn to live out their faith was so blessed, and the conversations so rich – I’m truly excited to see what God does with the … Continue reading

Advent Reflections: Waiting Well

Advent Reflections: Waiting Well

I’ll be honest – I didn’t want Christmas to come this year. The things that make the Christmas season so wonderful – anticipation, excitement, joy – don’t jive with a year that’s been characterized by struggle and loss and I’ve been looking for any possible opportunity to “opt out” of Christmas. If I don’t play Christmas … Continue reading

Perspective. (Part 2)

To read Part 1, follow this link: A second bias that can hinder our pursuit of justice is the reality that we want to help people who deserve it.  Within each of us, there lies a certain value system, shaped by our background and experience that determines who is deserving of our mercy.  Though these … Continue reading

Perspective. (Part 1)

Perspective is everything. As I do life in Kensington and engage in my work in Camden, I am constantly challenged with how narrow a perspective I often hold.  I judge and misjudge both people and scenarios on a fairly regular basis and then have to repent and reorient my heart accordingly. Combining my introspection with … Continue reading

Father’s Day.

Today, across the country, kids of all ages honored the man that raised them by eating lots of grilled meat, buying ugly ties, and making picture frames out of popsicle sticks that say in some format, “My Dad is Better Than Yours.” I think Father’s Day is great, mostly because I have an amazing dad … Continue reading

A Fragile Balance.

Though I am not often asked to lend insight into the world of justice, if I ever had to share the single most important lesson I’ve learned in my own pursuit of justice, I could. My advice? Walk the line. Not to borrow too much from my friend Johnny Cash, what I mean to say … Continue reading